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Learning Ladder Preschool Academy

Monday, 07 November 2011 14:41

Health & Food Services

Learning Ladder Preschool Academy serves breakfast, lunch, and snack in a ServSafe kitchen, under management of a culinary chef. Learning Ladder provides high protein meals with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, with whole milk and 100% juice. We are a peanut free and egg-shell free facility. Learning Ladder also caters to any special needs diet.

Any child's diet that needs to be closely monitored is carefully addressed by our chef, teachers, and staff and regularly updated by parents. For children with a special needs diet or allergies, parents are required to submit a Learning Ladder Allergy form to the Director. A doctor's note may be required to excuse some foods and/or drinks. Prayer is said before every snack and meal. We also brush our teeth after every meal.

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